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Star Citizen Now.
Welcome Friends Of The Verse! Some 'short' Wink notes for any Star Citizen newbies out there.

Just keep in mind, 3.0 is a major update for gameplay and where your focus should be next. You can see an early preview of it here. According to the schedule it's slated to release soon tm:

3.0 Evocati (very select few number of backers): 7 - 17 Days
3.0 PTU (Unofficial testing to more & more people): 18 - 30 Days
3.0 release: 31 - 45 Days

Of course these are estimates, and will likely get delayed some. During this time, I recommend playing Arena Commander and learning how to get good at flying your ship.

My main question is what should I do as a player next?

What should I do in the PU?

Check your mobiGlas, take missions. Jump in and see what comes up.
Try multi-crew with other ships. This is a good video on why Multi-Crew is awesome.
Make friends. Earn credits.

What can you do in the PU?

ICC missions (retrieval of distress beacons, includes saving a ship from pirates, springing a pirate trap and such).
Missions to restore comm satellites (these are generated as needed, you can go pirate and instead of turning them back on turn them off).

Mission to hunt down and kill the public enemy (a pirate that has reached a threshold level of notoriety) (generated as necessary).

An exploration mission where you need to find details about the explosion of a station for the widow's insurance policy.

Patrol Kareah station against criminals

Become a criminal and clear your record at Kareah.

Exploring the PU for fun: most people go to Yela, there's an asteroid belt where pirates can spawn and loot can be found. Hanging around with friends and making fun yourself.

What does 2.6.3 have?

49 Flyable Ships: Buy the ships, or rent them in Arena Commander by earning REC (Rental Equipment Credits)
Multi-Crew ships: This is a good video detailing why Multi-Crew is awesome.
Persistent Universe: An Open Sandbox with 17 missions, and several space stations. Kind of like GTA in space.
Arena Commander - Vanduul Swarm: Single Player. You vs. Vanduul Alien AI ships.
Arena Commander - Pirate Swarm: Single Player. You vs. a variety of Pirate AI Ships.
Arena Commander - Vanduul Swarm Co-Op: You + Friends vs. Vanduul Alien AI ships.
Arena Commander - Pirate Swarm Co-Op: You + Friends vs. a variety of Pirate AI ships.
Arena Commander - Battle Royale: Dogfighting Deathmatch: You against everybody.
Arena Commander - Free Flight: Just you in a map. No rules. No objectives. No clocks.
Arena Commander - Free Flight Co-Op: You + Friends on a map.
Arena Commander - Squadron Battle: Your Team against another team.
Arena Commander - Single Player Racing: You against the Clock.
Arena Commander - Multi-Player Racing: You + Others competing in a race.
Star Marine - Elimination: FPS Deathmatch
Star Marine - Last Stand: FPS Capture and Hold key areas for your team to gain points.
Hangar: Your home, and where to keep your ships.
Area 18: A City to walk around in, and shop. This should be a place you can land on in 3.1.
Several Stations: Stations like Port Olisar, Grim Hex. There's smaller stations too, but they're just as detailed. There's a lot of beauty in the Persistent Universe.

Getting Started:

Official Getting Started Page
Wiki with the most common questions
Beginner's Catalog
Discord Help Channel
BoredGamer: New Player Tutorial
BoredGamer: Basic Flight Tutorial
BoredGamer: Basic Combat Tutorial

Getting Good!:

If you want to get realy good, then the Legacy Instructional Series is your best choice. This is the "Top Gun" school for Star Citizen space combat. It takes you from beginner levels to ace maneuvering.

Main Site
Basic Flight Maneuvering Videos
Defensive Maneuvering Videos
Offensive Maneuvering Videos
Space Combat Videos
All of their Video Tutorials

3.0 (and beyond):

3.0: Should have professions like cargo hauling, mining, and the debut of planet/moon tech with Daymar, Yela, and Celin.

3.1: The planet ArcCorp with the city Area 18 integrated into the PU, female character, hand to hand combat, shoulder mounted weapons, throwable weapons, etc.

3.2: 3 new planets with landing zones (Hurston, MicroTech, and Crusader).

Note from wdb... No complete systems yet. Frown CIG promised 100 systems at game launch.

Some things to know:

The game is still in Alpha after almost five years in development. It probably won't see a full release for several more years. There will be bugs. There will be crashes or glitches.

You are in a unique position of play testing very early builds of a complex game. The experience will be both exciting and frustrating as new things come online and things get broken then slowly fixed.

It's still a bit barebones. Even though there's a lot of game modes, there may be less than what the list suggests. Some may still get bored or frustrated. 3.0-3.2 should add more content, more depth, and make it feel more like a complete game.

We have the schedule of what's coming in 2017. Keep in mind, they're bad about dates, so some of these will likely get delayed.

The Persistent Universe has a low frame rate that should (hopefully!) be fixed by 3.1. It's not your computer, it's the server. 3.0 should improve some things, but it's likely 3.0.1, or 3.1 that should fix the lower frame rate problems.

There's no tutorial yet. We had one in there, but the new updates broke it so it was taken out. They're working on a new player experience for the future.

They do shows about every weekday. I recommend watching Around the Verse, or subscribe to them on Youtube.

Put in your Referral code on the SC referral code Randomizer. If somebody signs up and uses your code, you get some bonuses.

There's a cool online Starmap that shows the proposed size of the universe.
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