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Patch 2.4.0j
Alpha Patch 2.4.0j has been released to the PTU, and is now available for players to test! During this initial testing phase, PTU access will be restricted to a small group of players that we will expand on over time as required.

Important Callouts:

Please note that Battle Royale seems to be experiencing a frequent crash during initializing.
Persistence between builds 2.4.0i to 2.4.0j has been enabled.

New Features Star Systems:

Added a new Outlaw mission.
Once a player turns into an Outlaw, they will receive the following mission: “Keep the Comm Arrays Offline”
The Outlaw will be rewarded 500 aUEC every time they kill another player who is attempting to turn the Comm Array back on.
Credit will only be received by the Outlaw if they kill the opposing player before the Comm Array is turned back on.
Be aware that pirates will still attack Outlaw players.

Game Systems:

We have enabled ship respawn costs for Port Olisar!
Destroyed ships will now have a respawn timer after being destroyed.
Player can pay a aUEC fee to bypass the timer, and the cost to bypass the timer decreases over time.
With this initial iteration, all ships have a 5 minute respawn timer, and a initial cost to bypass of 2500-3000 aUEC.
In future iterations, the respawn timer and cost will differ from ship to ship.

Updates and Fixes Star Systems:

Fixed an issue that was making it difficult to interact with the Pirate armor in Garrity Defense.
Added text fields for the Port Mod App so that nodes now convey their Type, Port Size and the currently equipped item in that node.
Fixed an issue with Port Modification where items that were used in multiple ports were not showing up on the list properly if already placed.

Game Systems:

Fixed an issue where unequipping a flight suit would cause the jetpack to disappear when flight suit was reequipped.
Chat window is now open by default (Toggle ‘F12’ to open/close window).
Added a notification when a player is killed by another player in Crusader.


Made multiple fixes to the Hornet.
Damage states working better.
New graphical detail levels added.
Fixed landing gear door, right gun hardpoint and missile bay mesh positions.
Fixed how pilot hands connect to the joystick and controls of the Hornet.
Fixed cockpit lighting.
Removed some older animations that were lifting the nose of the ship.
Added improved canopy eject animations.

ADDENDUM: PTU 2.4.0j puts the Gladius back in action as the nasty green knife fighter we came to love before 2.0!
It's reprotedly smooth, agile, speedy, and most importantly, reliability and predictably controllable. wdb Wink

Lots of neat stuff. Of course, none of this addressed the CIG server deficiencies. There is still a lot of lag to be experienced in a loaded server. CIGs servers simply can't handle the game data efficiently right now.
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