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PTU Update Information
Hi everyone,

As we’ve been hammering away at 2.0.0 on PTU, we’ve seen some massive improvements in the past couple of weeks!

Most obvious to all have been the persistent crash/CTD issues that prevent a lengthy playsession, but we’ve got good news: Chris Roberts and Sean Tracy discovered a major bug – it’s true, they’re Bugsmashers, too! – that’s a source of many of the problems. We’re testing a much more stable build right now, which will be a candidate for another PTU push today.

We talked last week a bit about the items we wanted to address for 2.0 to get to the Live service, so here’s an update on those.

• Several fixes for framerate and game server bottleneck issues have gone in, resulting in massively improved gameplay experiences. We’ll continue to work on additional improvements.
• We’ve made several fixes to GIM disconnections and assorted dedicated game server and client crashes. We have found a series of Code 7 crashes that we are tracking down, but some of the more nefarious Code 0s have been identified.
• We continue to work on the party system, and the reality is that it’s largely placeholder and a work in progress. We don’t anticipate this being ready for 2.0. Playing with your friends is absolutely crucial to the online experience, and we’ll be working to make this as intuitive as possible.
• We’ve resolved the annoying error message overlay that would not go away.
• We’re still working on SLI mode.
• We’ve updated the tiny Chat UI (this was really a problem on 4K monitors).
• We’ve fixed the scenario where destroying small ships with a physics grid would render a character stuck in an unplayable state on respawning.
• We continue to research and work on damage states in multiplayer games.
• We’ve fixed players getting stuck in their respawn rooms when in the seat or turret of a multicrew ship that gets destroyed.
• We’ve updated and fixed various spawn points issues, including wrong locations.
• EMP distortion damage now has a tangible effect.
• We’re continuing to work on the transition of players from zero g to gravity zones where a player character can fall and take damage or suffer lost functionality.
• We’ve got a fix in the automatic landing of an Andromeda; it works but currently is not being repaired.
• Main thrusters are still missing on the 350R.
• We’ve made several fixes to the main menu, particularly the infinite load screen for Arena Commander. We’ll regress this issue when we turn Arena Commander back on for PTU.
• We’ve settled the issue of top speeds fluctuating in IFCS/SCM modes.
• We’ve fixed the issue of ships not regaining mass after repairs.
• We’re now also working on the prevention of item use from outside ships.
Lots of stuff in here! So much of this is due to your efforts in helping us find these problems, and this has truly been a team effort of everyone involved in making the BDSSE.

Thanks everyone, see you in 2.0!
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