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Anyone avalible for multiplayer testing?
With the help of Braddw, my game is working! (Woohoo you rock!)
So I wondering if there was any interest in the multiplayer aspect of the game?
I remember playing with a few of you here a couple of years ago and had a blast!

I can host a dedicated server if I can get some players who would like to give it a shot.
To test the waters, I was thinking maybe just playing with the newest version (5.1.66) and with no mods using a stock map .
This way we can get our feet wet and go from there.

I will be around anytime from now until Dec-27. On the 27th, my job will take me "out of town" for a couple of months.
If anyone would like to get together for a quick game, just let me know.
Oh, I can host a Teamspeak3 server for voice too if needed bigsmile
Oh yeah. I just remembered that in the newer versions of the game, the source code team disabled the multiplayer feature so unless I am mistaken it won't work unless we use version 5.03 of the game. Having said that, I am up for giving multiplayer a shot. I will be available for most of this coming weekend except for Sunday morning.
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I read somewhere that it was grayed out in one of the builds, 5.0.5 I think. With 5.1.66, it works on my computer. The way I'm running it setting my modem to open DMZ for my server computer. Then I created a shortcut using the -server command in the properties for the game. That was the simplest way to allow traffic in and out of the game. The way I checked it was by using my kids laptops wi-fi to get on a neighbors unsecured network and join the game.

Now you can also host a server and play game by choosing Local Server. That also works and would probably be the best option unless you play on hosting 24/7.

The only thing I haven't been able to figure out is how to change the servers name that is displayed on the server list page. I shows up as "123". I've tried to change it in-game and in the .cfg file with no luck. It's not a game breaker or anything, just annoying.

Brad, just let me know when you would like to get together and try.
All, If anyone else would like to try, everyone is welcome.
I stand corrected then. Good to know that it is working in the newest build. Early afternoon Saturday is probably the best time for me, but if others want to try it at a different time there are others that might work for me as well.
Teach these new disciples to obey all the commands I have given you, and be sure of this, I will be with you always even unto the end of the age. Mathew 28:20
Greetings Patriot! Long time no see.

I would very much like to participate in a multiplayer game. It's been quiet some time since I've done one in Starshatter.

Also, the 5.1.66 build does have a working MP option. If we do a multiplayer game then this is the version we should all use.

Would anyone be available on 12/20/13 around 6:30 PM Eastern Time? My connection is a bit too slow to host, but I'm up for some testing if anyone else is interested.

EDIT: If anyone needs the latest build, it can be downloaded here:

Hi Luncan, yes sir it has been too long!
6:30 EST sounds perfect.
Brad, I will be around Saturday afternoon also!
I've just updated my Teamspeak 3 client. Do you have a server name that I can connect with?
For TS3, just hit connections/connect and put in the adress box.
I see your name in TS3 but you haven't responded.
Yay! We got mulitplayer working... for the most part.

Throughout our testing, we have discovered some quirks as well as the remedies around them (more will be added to the list as they are found):

1. Problem: invulnerable opponents. Probable cause: synchronization issue. Solution: ALWAYS make sure the host enters the game first!

2. Problem: carrier launch crash bug. This always happens when a non-host attempts to launch craft in 'standby' mode when commanding a carrier. Probable cause: unknown. Solution: best one we've found, thus far, is to assign attach a fighter element to a squadron. The only down side to this is being unable to choose when to launch the ships.

A more detailed report will be provide as we go though some bug testing.
Yes sir I had a lot of fun getting shot down by you last night!
I don't think any of the quirks are game breakers, though the carrier crash is rather annoying. Another option is to set the groups of fighter/attack craft around the carrier with it as the commander. That way when the mission begins whoever is controlling the carrier can set waypoints and tasks for those crafts. Next time maybe we should try testing if AI can launch the crafts without crashing the game or server.

I should have the server up and going within a couple of hours of this post.
So if anyone would like to join, make sure you are using version 5.1.66 with no mods.
When you click the multiplayer button, input the following info to get in the game.
Name: 123
Port: 11100
Password: no password (leave blank)

Teamspeak 3 has the same IP address and should probably be used in case any issues come up while trying to join.
Glad to hear you guys were able to get some MP in. I might not have as much time today as I thought. Relatives from out of state stopped by on their way home from NYC and are spending at least part of the day with us.
Teach these new disciples to obey all the commands I have given you, and be sure of this, I will be with you always even unto the end of the age. Mathew 28:20

I have managed to play a pure LAN game with Starshatter 5.1.66, though there was some obstacles to solve, so i will share some guidance on it. To put it in short there were 2 things to do:

- add the line " fake.dom" to the host file of the clients ("C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\host", google it up how to find, open and edit...), where that IP belongs to the LAN server
- create a new pilot for the multi

At firs i couldn't connect to the server with direct IP ( - status offline). After inspections with a packet capture program, it turned out to be that the game tries to resolve a LOCAL! IP address by querying the IPS DNS server, which is just plane wrong and it's a full stop from here. I have downloaded the source code and found the culprit in the NetHost.cpp file. It must be the "gethostbyaddr" function (I have downloaded and compiled the demo code from msdn and tested it for the same behaviour). This might be corrected in that cpp file by removing the if-else structure around that function and leaving only the gethostbyname function from the else branch (resolves booth IP and host name), however such a modification and the recomplie is beyond my knowledge and without the proper binary it won't be a help for others. So here is the different approach: add a line to the host file pointing the IP to some fake dummy domain name. That way Windows will simply resolve it from it's internal in-memory DNS cache, so that problematic DNS server response is now completly bypassed. And it worked, server online, ping 65ms, greate! Lets join to that host...

Bamm, next problem: lobby is completly empty, can't move on with the game. Thats why I had to create a new pilot as well. I have just copied the game directory from one PC to the other with exact same pilot settings so they probably conflicted during some authorisation, resulting with an empty, stucked lobby screen.

Too bad, but the carrier crash is comfirmed here as well Sad

I wonder if i could compile and debug such a huge project and try to solve some bugs. I don't do programing for a living, but I'm familiar with Visual Studio and have some basic C++ knowledge as well and maybe some freetime and passion too, but its hard to sort out all the initial linker/compiler errors, multiple projects, etc..

I applaud any attempt to improve the multiplayer functionality in Starshatter. You sound much more knowledgeable than me in this matter.

Getting multiplayer up and working could add some new life to our venerable Starshatter game. I encourage you in this effort. Please keep us posted with your progress.

Good luck.
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