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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) >Starshatter:The Gathering Storm
Is Starshatter ModableWhat are the system requirements for Starshatter?What Controls are required to fly in Starshatter?What is Starshatter?
What is the Flight Model use in Starshatter?Who are the contending factions in Starshatter:TGS?
Is Starshatter Modable

Starshatter is a space-sim modder's dream platform. Because Starshatter was designed from the ground up to support so many different play styles - from space fighter combat to airborne strikes to starship battles to fleet tactical encounters - you can use it to create mods for just about any popular science fiction universe you can think of.

Creating a new mod can be as simple as importing some new ship models, editing a few text files that define ship and mission parameters, and running the game.

Starshatter includes a "Custom Mission" selection screen that allows the end user to access any enabled mods ships and play any mods included missions.

There is a Custom Mission Editor included with Starshatter and it is rather straight forward in use.

To get started on a mod now, download the "Modders Toolkit" from the DOWNLOADS PAGE of the our website.
What are the system requirements for Starshatter?
Starshatter is designed to run well on a wide range of Windows Operating System computer systems:

Joysticks and gamepads with up to four analog axes and thirty-two buttons are supported as optional equipment, but are not required.

NaturalPoint TrackIR Head Tracker v3.1 supported and was added in verson 5.0.2+ of the game. Newer versions of Track IR may or may not be compatible
What Controls are required to fly in Starshatter?
Starshatter supports mouse, keyboard, joystick, throttle, and gamepad flight controls simultaneously, so that you can find the control method that works best for you. You can easily assign any joystick or gamepad axis to any function you wish, and each axis (including the mouse Y-axis) can be inverted to suit your preferences.

In the arcade flight model, the joystick is configured as in a typical space combat simulation, with the stick controlling pitch and yaw and the twist axis controlling roll. In the standard flight model, the joystick is configured as in a high-end airplane simulation. The stick controls pitch and roll, while the rudder pedals or twist axis controls yaw. At any time, in any flight model, you can swap the roll and yaw inputs by pressing the [J] key.

Under normal circumstances, the mouse is used to control the user interface and to manipulate the interactive HUD. When using the third-person exterior view, the mouse is also used to control the camera and to select targets and issue orders to allies, just as in a space-based RTS game. You can right-click on any friendly unit in the chain of command to access a context-sensitive orders menu.

You can also use the mouse to fly your ship and fire your weapons. By pressing the [~] key, you toggle the mouse between selection mode and flight mode. In flight mode, the mouse works much like the "mouselook" control in an FPS game. You steer the ship by moving the mouse in the direction you want to go. Fire guns with the left button and missiles with the right button. Tap the middle button to select a target, and use the mouse wheel to control your speed.

If you prefer, you can also configure the mouse to work as a "virtual joystick." In this mode, the distance of the mouse cursor from the center of the screen controls how fast your ship will turn, instead of how far it will turn. Some people may prefer the "virtual joystick" mode for dogfighting because it requires less repositioning of the mouse than the "mouselook" mode.

What is Starshatter?
STARSHATTER:The Gathering Storm takes the concept of the "mission-based" space simulations to a new level. Rather than deliver twenty-five heavily scripted missions that play the same way every time, Starshatter will use a dynamic campaign engine to custom build an unlimited number of unique missions based on the current state of the war, and the type of ship you are commanding:

Fighter Mission Types and Starship Mission Types

Bomber Escort
Starship Escort
Ground Strike
Starship Assault
Fleet Engagement
Starbase Assault
Fighter Ops

The enemies you will face in Starshatter's dynamic campaign won't just be targets. Enemy ships and fleet admirals use the same AI algorithms as your own wingmates and commanders. They are trying to win the war just as much as you are. This means that with every kill you make, you are directly and actually contributing to the overall war effort.

What is the Flight Model use in Starshatter?
Starshatter includes three different flight models so that you can enjoy the space combat experience in the way that is most effective or enjoyable for you. One way or another, you should have no problem finding a flight model that works for you. Now get out there and start creating your space legend!

Starshatter:TGS brings space combat up to date by using a combat model inspired by modern day surface navy and naval-aviation technology, instead of the more common World War II era technology.
Who are the contending factions in Starshatter:TGS?
The time is five thousand years from now. The place: a band of populous star systems a thousand light years from Earth. After hundreds of years colonizing the planets, the Human Civilization that started on Earth left that birthplace for the stars. The heavens are dotted with human colonies and trade empires. For centuries, there has been peaceful expansion.

But nothing made by man lasts forever...

Terellian Alliance

The Terellian Alliance is an economic, military, and political alliance of five major star systems in Blue Drift Space. The republics were formerly second-stage colonies established during the Terellian expansion period five hundred years ago. The alliance is a federal system in which each component maintains autonomy over internal affairs, while interstellar issues are managed by the CEO and Combined Senate located on Jarnell.

Independent Systems

Several star systems on the border of Alliance space have managed to maintain their independence from the larger federations that surround them.

Marakan Hegemony

The isolated and internally secretive government of Marak had developed a powerful military and diplomatic influence on many neighboring star systems. The Marakan systems had long been an example of a dynamic economy and prodigious military might as the systems had been locked in a cold war struggle with the Terellian Alliance.

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